Sri Lanka - The saadhu's guide to Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

A land like no other.

Sri Lanka is a tear drop shaped island in the Indian ocean of amazing beauty and rich culturul heritage.

This beautiful tropical country is blessed with lush green forests, soaring mountains, thousands of lakes and rivers and rather suprisingly a few arid plains. All of this with in an island less than one hundredth the size of India.

Sri Lanka is the Serendip of Horace Walpole's (1754) Fairy tale The princes of Serendip . The country has been described in Marco Polo's travels and in the 1001 nights . Today Sri Lanka is a favourite travel destination for European and Australian travellers. Visitors from North America are just beginning to discover the hidden wonders of this amazing country.

Sigiriya is a world heritage site and the proposed eighth wonder of the world. This 5th century rock citadel was the capital of Ancient Sri Lanka. It is home to some of the most admired Frescos from the Ancient World, and the oldest landscaped garden in Asia.

The Saadhu Testament

Asia's first electronic novel (available for free online reading at this site). This book is the work of the Sri Lankan author Daya Dissanayake

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

A complete guide, with general information maps, tourist information and almost anythin lese you could possibly want to know about the country. The site has over 60 highly informative packed pages on Ceylon