The First Sinhala E-novel

Vessan Nowu Vedun

Vessan Nowu Vedun by daya dissanayake is the First Electronic novel written in Sinhala.

Vessan Nowu Vedun

It is a story which attempts to show that the healthcare system inSri Lanka, over a thousand years ago was at a far more advancedstate than what it is today in Asia.

Sinhala is the language used by around 15 million people in the South Asian island of Sri Lanka.

Vessan Nowu Vedun was first published asthe healer & the drug pusher in 2000 by Writers Club Press and was released on-line in August 2003.

daya dissanayake has published 9 novels, including the saadu testament which is the First Enovel from Asia.

Vessan Nowu Vedun is available for free download in portable document format.

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