Sigiriya Ancient Souvenirs.

"many people would like to take something home, to remember this place that is why these figurines are made" he explained to Sagala.

The figurines were small, their sizes ranging from about 10 cm to about 20 cm, large enough to show all the details even of the necklaces and armbands the women were wearing, but also small enough to be carried home.

"some of them look very much like the women on the paintings" Sagala observed

"it could be called 'art about art'" Sona thera said and Sagala remembered the first mention of Sihigiri by Sona thera, about poetry and paintings during a discussion on the Art-consciousness of the urban population.

-- From the kat bitha by daya dissanayake, page 35 & 36 :

-- Photograph by Maya Upananda

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