21st century Sigiri Graffiti


i climbed sihigiri
wording and re-wording a poem in mind
on the way down
i couldn't raise my hand
to desecrate the mirror wall
and penned it on paper
back in my room


scratch a few lines on my mirror wall
dear scribe
before you leave
a millennium have i waited
thirsting for a new poem


golden hued one
cover your tender breasts
from the ogling eyes
before they scorch your eternal beauty
to fade away like all the others


fair maiden
what happened to the five hundred beauties
did they run away
unable to compete with you


please play back
all you have recorded
on the mirror wall
one thousand five hundred years ago
tell me the secret
of the doe-eyed beauties


lying in the shade of the miniature water garden
my eyes closed
i see the golden hued beauties floating among the clouds
breathing in the fragrance of jasmine and water-lily
moist cool breeze soothing my skin
the laughter of the maidens frolicking in the pools
try to drown
the rhythm of the water
slowly flowing over the white pebbles
lulling me to sleep


you are my blue rose
glowing in the moonlight

i'm the cool breeze
coming across the hill and dale

the moon hides behind a cloud
leaving us alone
on sihigiri


the CCF
has posted guards all around you
to stop me
from spending the night here


fifteen dollars a day
i have to pay
to see the fair ladies
if i give you a blank check
will you let me have
a lifetime pass


i smashed my camera dashing it on the
sihigiri rock

now i look around
for a longer time
in greater detail
to absorb all the wonders through my eyes
into my brain

to be recalled
played back
anytime, anywhere
in 4-D, infinite colours
perfect pictures
without having to worry about
exposure, shutter speeds
zoom and pixels


it is a sad day for sihigiri
when our historians
do not know
a vatkol flower
from a katrol flower


(with apologies to Vira Vidur Bata)

the gentle breez
carries no perfume
jasmine and water lilies have faded away

the five hundred beauties
are gone

i close my eyes
to see the
alakamanda of kasyapa


the majestic lion
kept eternal vigil
could enjoy
the heaven he had created on earth


the underground pipes
still carried water
to the octagonal pond
for kasyapa to bathe

the fountains still gushed
hoping to compete with the bathing beauties
to please his eyes