Sigiri Graffiti

written on the mirror wall of sigiri from about the 6th cent A.D. till about the 12th cent, by visitors to Sigiri. Number refers to the number of Prof. Senerath Paranavithana's Sigiri Graffiti.

where did you descend, in such a hurry
having seen Sihigiri
not seeing the mirror-wall
have you seen anything?
(No. 593, 9th cent.)

hearing so much, we came here
to climb Sihigiri
and saw the wall of moon-stone
as it was
(No. 511, 8th cent.)

the wall of moonstone
has borrowed its shinning splendour
from you
let's enjoy the company of the beautiful ladies
who have come into our arms
(No. 148, 9th cent.)

a hundred thousand visitors
a hundred thousand times
to etch the memory of Sihigiri in their minds
(No. 162. 9th. cent.)

'it is soothing to the heart
to see the golden hued ones'
is the boast of those
who have not even climbed here
to see its spleandour
(No. 528. 9th cent)

what should be said to those people
who do not think of coming down
once they reach the summit
so others could go up
(No. 57, 8th cent)

how could anyone
write songs
about the unmoving eyes
while seeing the
tender breasts
of the golden hued ones
(No. 138, 9th cent)

wet with cool dew drops
fragrant with perfume from the flowers
came the gentle breeze
jasmine and water lily
dance in the spring sunshine
side-long glances
of the golden hued ladies
stab into my thoughts
heaven itself
cannot take my mind
as it has been captivated
by one lass
among the five hundred
i have seen here
(No.249, 9th cent)

our mind is sated
as we climbed Sihigiri
and saw the majestic lion
we have no desire now
to see the golden hued ones on the wall
(No. 45, 9th cent)

as evening comes
the golden hued beauties
among those of the shade of the lily
appear like
vatkol flowers
entangled with katrol flowers
(No. 334, 8th cent)

plucking a flower
from my mate's dress
i place it
before the golden hued beauty
(No. 365, 8th cent)

like the hare drawn on the moon
may you live
for a thousand years
but for me
it would be like one day
(No. 135, 9th cent)

seeing the golden hued ladies
being washed away by wain
it is as if
King Kasub himself
had them painted inside the cave walls
(No. 153, 8th cent)

enslaved in mind
by the paintings
those who come down
rub their hands on the ladies
'please walk down the gallery
without touching the paintings
(No. 677, 8th/9th cent)

the long eyed lass
ignored him
that he had touched the
ladies on the wall
(No. 676 9th cent)

among the golden hued ladies
look at this beauty
to your heart's content
standing here unmoving, and
does the day be
just one instant in time?
(No. 301, 8th cent)