: The Healer and The Drug Pusher

Sample Chapters from the Healer and the Drug Pusher.

  • Healer and the Drug pusher.
  • Chapter 3 : The Healer

    He heard voices, coming from far away, strange voices, in a strange tongue. Was it the middle of the night? He did not feel the burning sun on his face. Yet he did not feel cold either. Was he dead? Was he in another world, another life? He tried to open his eyes, but felt his eyelids were sticky, so he tried to wipe them with his hand, and found that he could not move them, or even his fingers. He must be dead.

  • Chapter 7 : Pali

    Pali could watch his face as long as she wanted to, becuse he would not know she was watching, and she did not have to worry about avoiding his eyes. She studied his face, which would once have been sun-burnt and hard and strong. It was pale now, after the long illness and after staying indoors for so long. His unseeing eyes, dull and sunken, stared at her from above his bushy beard.

  • Chapter 8 : Smooth

    'Smooth is not safe. It destroys liver tissue. It should never have been introduced to this country. It is better to live with acne, than die from liver failure. You are trying to murder innocent people,'