The best Faith Money can buy

The Saadhu Testament reveals the previously unpublished story of a businessman who builds a huge empire by selling faith.

Fulfilling basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing are all considered to be legitimate businesses. Rohitha Jayamanne is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur who realized that faith is just another basic human need. And he built a huge company who's influence spreads from Australia to the middle east, by selling faith.

The success is all the more remarkable considering that faith is a 'commodity' that is freely available. But no price tag has been set on faith and he only accepts voluntary donations made by satisfied customers.

Billionaire Rohitha insists that he is driven not by profit motives but by a desire to be of service to mankind.

'I have a non-working director, in all my new companies, with a 5% share holding' Mishra told his Korean guest, over lunch at the Taj Palace in Delhi.

'Is he a family member' Kwon asked him.

'No. He is kind of a priest. We call him the Saadhu'

-- The businessman

The best faith money can buy.