Two poems



I didn't bring my C.V.

Name -

Date of birth -

Address -

G.C.E. O/L five, three

A/L bio one C, Two S

any job will do

One hundred thousand

square pegs

vying for

half a dozen round holes

the carpenter

keeps on turning out

thousands more of square pegs

no one bothers to tell him

all the holes are round

and too few


against the deep blue sky

the multi-coloured kite


over the top of the green trees

heavy with fruit

the golden green waves

on the ripening rice field

stared up at the

blue and red tail on the kite

at the other end of the thread

the little boy

in ragged shorts

ran along the road

trying to hold aloft

the used polythene bag

tied to a piece of tape

from a discarded video cassette

black acrid smoke

spewing out of factories

settled slowly on

rotting garbage

in blocked drains

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