is the swine flu a big swindle?


vaccines and "swine" flu

The whole world has panicked with the spread of the new strain of influenza A, named H1N1. The original misnomer 'swine flu' made some of our officials consider banning the import of pork! Two years ago it was the 'Bird flu', with some people giving up on eating chicken!

When there is an epidemic, we should be careful, but without going into panic mode.

There is a saying, "treat a cold and it will be cured in seven days, don't take any any medicine and it will last for one week". This should apply for the new flu, too except for a few among us who do need prompt treatment, like infants, expectant mothers and the feeble elderly.

The International Drug Mafia has still not been able to come out with a drug to fight A H1N1. All they can offer, and for WHO to recommend, are two anti-viral drugs developed against "Bird flu" and later on used even against common influenza. The exact wording is, "Since these antivirals have been effective in treating seasonal influenza, they are also expected to be effective for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 infections."  WHO advices not to use these drugs without   using Oseltamivir could result in the development of resistance to anti-viral drugs and also the development of drug resistant strains. This drug was developed for the "bird flu". Since the "bird flu" has not appeared again the manufactures had to find a new market, and A H1N1 became God's gift to the drug barons.

Today the drug mafia is able to earn billions of dollars by selling their vaccines.

Normally a vaccine would take at least five years to be introduced into the market. It needs long research, then development, indoor testing and trials and the clinical trials. (which is the mafia term for conducting experiments with new drugs and vaccines using human guinea pigs).

The new flu strain appeared just one year ago. Already there is mass vaccination, without any studies on the effectiveness of the vaccine, its short term and long term side effects and the WHO is giving its full support. What are the risks involved, when we use such an untested unproven vaccine on our children? Day by day the number of vaccines given to our children is increasing. We do not have any idea of the cumulative effect of all these vaccines. We do not know what the long term effects could be. This is at a time when there is a major controversy in the United States that childhood autism is a result of this excessive vaccination.

It is time to decide on the priorities in immunization. Polio and Japanese Encephalitis vaccines are becoming essential because there is no cure for the diseases.  Rubella vaccine for girls about to get married could be a must. But is it essential for our teenage school girls, at the risk of death, to habe rubella vaccine, just because it is the practice in the western countries? It is an insult to our young girls, if our health authorities expect them to become teenage mothers while still preparing for their O. levels.

Sri Lanka has always followed a very sensible path when it comes to new drugs and vaccines. They have always been careful to await clinical trial reports and then do a controlled clinical trial in our own country to ensure that the vaccine is safe for our people, because they know that the same vaccine could have different effects on people of different countries due to genetic and biological variations. That is why it is difficult to understand this almost obscene haste to expose our children to this new vaccine.

There are reports of new forms of influenza strains appearing, around the world. There were also reports that this new A H1N1 virus spread from a laboratory of a multinational drug baron, even accusations that it was intentionally released.

Those who are in such a hurry to introduce this vaccine for A H1N1,  do they have an answer if a new strain, perhaps deadlier than this, appears by next winter? Even if a new strain does not appear, how long does the immunity last from this vaccine, do we have to vaccinate our children every year, like they do with the common flu vaccine in other countries? Only the drug mafia would benefit.

Could it not be better to be careful? take precautions against the spread of the flu. Educate our people to stay at home and stay isolated even at home, to avoid the spread of the illness. We used to have such good habits in our villages, when there was an infection of a contagious illness. People would have a sign on their door or gate giving notice to other people in the village that they had an infected patient at home.

WHO drew up a major campaign HFA/2000, Health for All by 2000. We are nearing the end of 2009, but HFA is nowhere in sight and in fact it is almost becoming Ill-Health For All or IHFA for ever.

Arogya Siddhi. Let good health prevail.

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