Buddhism & hypocrisy


Hypocrisy is the last thing we wuld have to associate with the Word of the Buddha.

There is an appeal by leading Buddhist clergy that all publications about Buddhism should be monitored and censored. They claim there are publications that harm Buddhism, that endanger a religion that has survived for over 2500 years. There may have been numerous publications and attempts to insult, distort, destroy Buddhism, from the time of Devadatta. Yet Buddhism has survived.

If someone tries to claim that the Buddha was born and lived in Sri Lanka, the writer is only making a fool of himself. We as Buddhist should only pity him and ignore his writing instead of giving more publicity. No sane person in the world woudl accept a story about the Buddha's birthplace unless there was sufficient scientific, literary and archaeological data to prove it.

However, more than any such publications or misinformation about Buddhism, more harm is done to Buddhism and insults to the Buddha himself, int he way we practice Buddhism today.

Even though almost every Buddhist in our country repeat the Five Precepts every day, sometimes several times a day, how many of them do really keep to these precepts. If they did, then our country would have been the most wonderful place on earth to live and to bring up our children.

Perhaps the Buddhist clergy should take serious steps to educate and guide the Buddhist in our country to start observing the Five Precepts as a start. Then i am sure that there woudl not be any need to worry abotu what any one writes.

On the other hand, if there was such a censorship, even this blog could be censored!

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