death of cricket



We have read and seen so many reports and comments about the negative side of the 3/3 attack in Lahore on our cricketers. We have seen the unfortunate side, the death of 6 policemen who were only performing their duty and the injuries to our cricketers. We have seen the ugly side when politicians are trying use this incident to sling mud at each other or to rouse hatred against one group or another.

For a change let us look at the positive side. This could mean the death of International cricket in Pakistan first, and then in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, because the fear of terrorist attacks and the risk of visiting these countries for cricket would keep all other cricket playing nations from playing here. Ever since cricket became big business the game survived because of these South Asian countries. Without them Cricket would die all over the world. Cricket as a business, that is. Cricket as a sport died long ago, with the advent of live television broadcasts, advertising, sponsorships and gambling.

Death of cricket as big business would then become just another victim of the global economic crisis and because most of the developed countries in the world had no interest in cricket as a sport or as a business, it would not make any waves. The worldwide economic effects would also be minimal.

The money spent on International cricket matches would be running into billions of dollars. All this is ultimately paid by us, the consumers all over the world, not only the players and the followers of the game. (I don't know if there are 'camp followers' too). How could we consider it a sport any more when players are auctioned for millions of dollars?

There is also the unseen cost in the productivity and man-hours lost around the South Asian countries whenever these matches are played and broadcast on TV. This loss would far exceed the actual money spent on the game.

George Bernard Shaw said it all in 'The English are not very spiritual people, so they invented cricket to give them some idea of eternity.' because a so called Test Match takes an eternity to finish. But when he said 11000 fools watching 11 flannelled fools watching it, he would never have imagined that number watching the game would run into billions.

Though Cricket has been claimed to be a World Sport, it is played only in countries which were unfortunate enough to have been under the British rule, where they introduced the game. Fortunately for the Americans, even though USA and Canada had played cricket in the early 18th century, they had given it up when they realised there are better things to do with their time.

Even in the cricket crazy South Asian countries, the cost of playing cricket is limiting it to the more affluent classes, more affluent schools and clubs, that the common man can only watch it on TV.

Only a minority among the world population would regret the death of cricket and mourn about it. The world business mafia most certainly find a alternative sport or some other activity to draw crowds to watch their advertisements and buy their useless products.

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