Amercan economy


How ever much people cry abotu the crashing economy in the USA, coming from the banana republic of formerly Ceylon, i can't believ it.

One day on the subway i realized that traveling by subway itself one could learn a lot. In 1986 the subway ticket had cost $ 1.00, which would be about $ 1.89 today, and today is only $ 2.00. And with an unlimited card it would cost only 1.17 per trip. It would be a good exercise for an economist to compare with our unfortunate country. From what i remember, in Lanka in 1986 it was about Rs. 40 to a US$. Today in 2008 Nov. it is Rs. 108.

Then for me in 1986 it would have cost me only Rs 40 for the subway and today it cost me Rs. 216. The bus or train fares in Lanka have been keeping up with this inflation.

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